Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians of Houston County High School:


We are off to another great school year and we appreciate everything that you all do for your child(ren) and for HCHS.


This letter is being written as a reminder of student drop off and pick up procedure. As we have observed school traffic patterns since students arrived back on HCHS CAmpus on Monday, August 11, 2014, many of you have followed the procedure and we thank you all [for that].


The HCHS school operation hours are from 7:20 AM until 4:00 PM. Faculty and Staff members are on duty beginning at 7:20 AM and again in the afternoons at 2:45/2:50 PM.


If you are dropping off your child(ren) during the school day, please do so by entering the campus from the East Side, and [then] proceed to the covered awning between the main building and the vocational building. From there, your child(ren) should proceed to the lunchroom or to the back of the school for supervision. 


If you are checking your child into school or out of school, please find an available parking space and proceed to the South Entrance (from entrance of the main building). Once in the building, please proceed to the office and check in.




If your child(ren) is not a bus rider or a walker, please wait until all buses have left the campus; then, you may pull into the South Parking lot (front parking lot) and pick up your child(ren).


We appreciate you all and your cooperation in this matter as we strive to take care of your children each and every day.



HCHS Administration


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