A message of appreciation from Superintendent David Sewell
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Monday, May 09, 2016
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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2016 ~ Giving thanks to our teachers!

As my thoughts turn toward Teacher Appreciation - a lot of people keep coming to my mind.

I thought of the teachers who’ve shaped my life, and then I thought of the many teachers I have worked with  who are deeply committed to doing their jobs well.  The teaching profession is not easy and circumstances are often not perfect. Most of you did not enter the profession for the money. You became teachers to make a difference in the lives of children.

Teacher Appreciation Week provides an amazing opportunity for us to thank you for all of  your hard work and the sacrifices you make year-round. You are truly on the front lines, creating an outlet for our students to grow academically and personally. This is where our students learn who they wish to become, and you are the ones helping to guide them along the way. Not only do you provide our students with the resources and encouragement they need to prepare for their futures, you also create the safe, nurturing environment where they thrive.

Inside your classrooms  you exercise a high degree of autonomy. You decide when to slow down to make sure all of your students fully understand a concept, or when a different instructional strategy is needed to meet the needs of those who may be struggling to keep up. You build relationships with students from a variety of backgrounds and with a diverse array of needs, and you find ways to motivate and engage them. I appreciate the challenge and skill involved in the work you do and applaud those of you who have dedicated your lives to teaching.

Children bring many challenges into the classroom today. The duties of a teacher are greater and the expectations are higher. Not too long ago, it was acceptable for schools to have high dropout rates, and not all kids were expected to be proficient in every subject. Today, there is no acceptable dropout rate, and we rightly expect all children to learn and succeed.

Our District’s successes would not have been possible without your dedication to our students. Our graduation rates have soared to all-time highs and more of our students are going on to attain their higher education goals and careers.

As we approach the end of another school year, take heart in the lives you impact, the futures that you build, and the knowledge that there are so many that recognize and support the incredible work that you do every day.

All the Best!

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