Florala High School's " THANK YOU" to HCHS Coaches and Cheerleaders
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Tuesday, November 01, 2016
HCHS Athletics and Cheer are a "Class Act"

In WEEK 8 of the HCHS Football Season, the Florala Wildcats arrived in Columbia, Alabama to play the Houston County Lions in our HOMECOMING GAME. On that same afternoon, the Florala Lady Wildcats Volleyball Team arrived [earlier] to  play in an AREA Volleyball Match.

What came next, prompted Florala's Principal (Mr. Max Whittaker) to write a positive review of HCHS on FaceBook. Thier Volleyball Team also sent us a "thank you card".

Although I was unable to link the FaceBook Post and the thank you card, below is an email thread from HCHS to Mr. Whittaker, his response, and a summation of how great HCHS is!

It should be noted that HCHS has many great organizations that show class ...


HCHS Athletics Department:

The response from Mr. Whittaker is due to YOUR hard work and DEDICATION! What I highlighted is so true. Look around - it is your hard work that has made the turn around!
Thank you,
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Max Whittaker <Max.Whittaker@cov.k12.al.us> Date: Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 5:43 PM Subject: Re: Fwd: Florala HS Facebook Post To: Derrick Morris <morris.derrick@hcboe.us>

I made that post yesterday afternoon and tagged Denise this morning. I am glad you saw it. I meant every word. We could not have been treated any better. I am glad to see things are going well for you. You have some great people working for you. That's how you change the culture of a school. It's still a simple concept good people make the difference. Have a good weekend!

On Oct 8, 2016 5:25 PM, Derrick Morris <morris.derrick@hcboe.us> wrote:
Good day all, 
I wanted to share a FaceBook Post from Florala High School (attached). In a day and time where so many people use FaceBook and other social media outlets to spread negativity, it is refreshing to see camaraderie among schools. 
The kindness and courtesy began prior to Florala's arrival. Knowing that Florala had a long drive to Columbia, Alabama, Mr. Max Whittaker (Florala HS Principal) and myself discussed the possibility of playing the volleyball game and the football game on the same day, to save all involved a very long turn-around trip to Columbia on Saturday, October 8, 2016.
On the volleyball schedule, we were scheduled to play Florala on Saturday, October 8, 2016, at 10:00 AM. Which would mean, after a late night [football game] on Friday, October 7, 2016, Florala would be coming back to Columbia - to play in a regional volleyball match.
As young coaches at Dauphin and Geneva County (Max Whittaker) and Slocomb (Derrick Morris) - Mr. Max Whittaker and I began different journeys. A journey that saw us as opponents, as administrators in different counties, later as colleagues in Geneva County, and once again as opponents [Florala and HCHS, respectively].  Ultimately, it was this rapport that made a phone call and a suggestion an easy decision to accommodate Florala HS in their travels. 
The Good Book and my family always taught me, "you reap what you sow" and I am privileged to see some seeds that have been sowed. They also taught me that positivity is a guiding strength. 
It is these guiding principles that shined on Friday, October 7, 2016, when Florala HS came to visit Houston County High School to play volleyball and football, and to showcase their band and cheerleaders. 
As Houston County moved into the AHSAA's 1A Classification this year (2016), we knew that we would be in for some long bus rides, and so would our opponents [coming to Columbia, AL]. For some of us, it was a return to old stomping grounds and opponents. For others, it was new places to see in Alabama.
Many of our student-athletes, band, cheerleaders, and fans now know that 84W, 52W, and 134W, 167N, 231N, 87N, 87S, 331N, 331S; or, any other way that we, or our opponents have traveled between Houston, Covington, Butler, and Crenshaw Counties, leads to "parts unknown" [for some]. As we have made these road trips, we have found the fan base to be just as dedicated as ours and the communities in which the school serves, to be very welcoming. 
So, to see a FaceBook post such as this - especially during Homecoming Week - is refreshing and welcomed. I have been a part of the HCHS Family for four years and I have seen this type of service since my arrival. 
I want to personally thank all those involved in making HCHS's HOMECOMING WEEK a success!! If I begin naming names, I will surely leave someone off; but, I can say "THANK YOU" to all those that put in countless hours before the 7:20 AM bell and way after the 3:20 bell. 
Teaching in itself is a big challenge. To ensure all that is asked of a teacher on any given day to complete - is an even bigger challenge - yet somehow they find the time to do what is asked and more!! 
Our non-certified staff is just as dedicated and helpful in maintaining and preparing for day-to-day activities; as well as, welcoming guests.
Alumni, parents, guardians, and community members who assist in game meals, [to] field preparation, [to] working in the concession stands, and every thing else in between - the hospitality is heart-felt.
The Town of Columbia and its various personnel departments work collaboratively, with HCHS, to ensure a smooth and effective symbiotic relationship.
In conclusion, I want to once again say "Thank You" for all the hospitality shown to our fan base thus far this season, as we traveled  to "new places" or as we have made return trips [for some].
And, to Florala HS, "Thank You" for the positive post and gratitude!! May you and yours continue to find success in everyday occurrences.
Derrick Morris
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